Larry and Errington Thompson (Old School Guy) sit down and chat with Harold Brown (drummer) and Lee Oskar (harmonica). If you love old school music you will love this interview.

Unfortunately, we were not able to get Howard Scott (lead guitar) on the line. Hopefully, we can get him on a future interview.

We start off discussing how the band was formed and the influence of Eric Burdon. This transitions into their first hit tune – Spill the Wine. It has a 60s vibe. Lee Oskar tells us how the song almost didn’t get on the radio. Oh, and the chorus is Spill the Wine, Take that pearl (not take that girl). The confusion helped get the song released as a single and not canned!

The second hit from War was All Day Music. This song has a driving up to Malibu groove. The harmony is unique and helps the tune stand out.

The Cisco Kid came off the World is A Ghetto album. The World is a Ghetto was the best selling album of 1973. #1!!! The Cisco Kid rose #2 on the Billboard pop charts and #5 in the Billboard RnB charts. We discuss Lee’s wonderful solo and the infectious groove that BB Dickerson laid down.

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