The great Ramsey Lewis (1935 – 2022) has recently passed. Larry and I discuss how Ramsey made jazz more accessible to folks who were more into the pop, rock, or RnB genre. We discuss some of Ramsey’s greatest tunes – The “In” Crowd, Wade in the Water, Hang on Sloppy and, of course, Sun Goddess with Earth, Wind and Fire. Ramsey recorded over 80 albums. He had 5 gold records and won 3 Grammys.

(Ummm, I’m still learning how to do this podcast thing. My mic level is up too high. I have this GREAT Shure mic and I mess up my mic level. Chipping. Anyway, live and learn.)

Again, because of copyright issues, we don’t embed the music into the video. Instead below is a list of tunes that we discuss. You will need Spotify in order to listen to the whole tune.