Before we started recording, Larry and Bill discussed how their paths never crossed. They grew up in Orange County, California. They loved and knew the Rillera brothers (Barry, Butch, and Larry). Barry Rillera did play with Ray Charles as his drummer. Butch played with Redbone.

What can we say? We are honored to sit down and chat with Bill Medley. He grew up in a musical family. His father played saxophone. His mother played piano and sang. He grew up listening to Little Richard, Fats Domino, Wilson Pickett, and Don and Duey. He loved Ray Charles. He met and worked with Ray Charles early in his career.

We dive into The Time of My Life. This was the hit song from Dirty Dancing. Medley almost turned down Dirty Dancing. He didn’t want to miss the birth of his daughter. So, he turned down the song. Then he was skeptical. He knew Jennifer Warnes. Jennifer Warnes agreed to do the song if she could sing it with Bill Medley. After his daughter’s birth, he could fly to California and record with Jennifer.

We then discuss how he met Bobby Hatfield. They recorded Little Latin Lupe Lu. Medley tells the story of how they got the name Righteous Brothers.

We transition into You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling. Truly one of the great tunes of all time. It was produced by Phil Spector. You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling was the first tune in which Spector used what became known as the Wall of Sound. The song was recorded at the famous Gold Star studios. The studio musicians were truly great – The Wrecking Crew. Both Larry and Bill worked with the Wrecking Crew.

We, Old School Guys, would like to thank Bill Medley for agreeing to do this interview.