Old School Guys decided to dive into 4 albums that changed modern music. These albums are all unique. Each had a huge impact on 1970s music. We are discussing these albums in no particular order. The first of these albums is The Who’s Tommy.

Tommy changed what Rock n Roll music could be. Before Tommy, one could argue that Rock and Roll music was mostly about love, relationships, and protest. Tommy showed that Rock n Roll could be about much more.  Tommy is a story. It is an opera.

Before Tommy, Rock n Roll music was supposed to fit into 2:30 soundbites. Tommy broke that mold. On Tommy, the songs range from just 12 seconds long to over 10 minutes.

This is Peter Townshend’s masterpiece.

It is hard to describe Tommy. It really has to be listened to. This is a surprisingly complex story about a boy who has a terrible life. Tommy witnesses a murder. His parents deny the murder ever took place. Tommy withdraws into himself. He has abused. He is thrown into an institution. He sees several psychiatrists. He becomes admired for his skill in playing pinball. He gains a following. He begins to think of himself as a Christ-like figure, only to have his flock reject him. The story is sad, but the music is great. It is full of energy. Great cords. The lyrics are truly wonderful.

Sit down. Have a listen. What do you think of our discussion? Leave a comment. https://open.spotify.com/embed/album/2srjzxgFaYLNh8UlJPAJ8b?utm_source=generator

So what are the 4 albums that changed music in the 1970s?

Tommy by The Who
Talking Book by Stevie Wonder
What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye
Superfly by Curtis Mayfield